so long, farewell

By kateandcarla

December 30, 2013

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It was more than three years ago that Kate and I challenged each other to write beyond our respective comfort zones and create a daily blog. Some 450 posts and 27 thousand viewings later, we’re bringing Our Own Sweet Time to a close.

To those who have followed our thoughts, added their comments and encouraged us along the way, thanks. And to those (you know who you are!) who have been badgering me to begin, again, I have been listening.

The new year will bring a new blog:

Maybe I’ll hear you there.

Take care.


P.S. Another reason to start fresh: the blog publisher is now placing small ads of its choosing. I’m able to prevent that on the new site. Please know that any you see today are not mine. Unless it’s soliciting dark chocolate and malbec. Then it is mine. 😉